Weight Loss

According to numerous studies conducted in the last 20 years, swimming is definitely the best method of exercise for weight loss. Other forms of exercise are good for this goal too, but due to certain advantages, there is no doubt swimming is the best choice, e.g.:


  • Swimmers use nearly every muscle in their bodies while training;

  • An hour of swimming will burn approximately 650 – 700 kcal, more than any other sports activity;

  • The body suffers very little stress while swimming as the body is in a horizontal position, unlike almost all other sports where the body is in a vertical position. This highly influences blood pressure and heart work rate;

  • Swimming reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart diseases, type 2 diabetes…etc;

  • During resting periods between training, heart rate and blood pressure will decrease significantly;

  • Makes the body more flexible and stress proof;


And many, many more…


In the weight loss program, we are more focused on aerobic swimming, type of exercises that require largest muscle groups to work all the time. In spite of this, technique will not be neglected, so it will include a wide range of drills that will help with both goals ( weight loss and technique improvement).

Session duration is between 60min and 90 min long. Distances will vary between 800m and 4500m, depending on swimmers’ capabilities and LEVEL.

An important thing to know about weight loss training is that you are trying to make your body use fat as a fuel for muscles. This process starts after approximately 30 – 40 minutes of exercise, when your body’s stores of carbohydrates are depleted. For this reason, the duration of workout must be at least 1 hour long to achieve the goal.

Without doubt, the best results are achieved when combining a proper swimming weight loss plan and diet customized for that specific plan. This is why we decided to include a personal diet in your weight loss plan. In association with expert nutritionist Oleksandr Makarov, you will receive a complete swimming program and diet program to make sure you are on the best path to success.


A Good Swimming Program Accompanied by a Good Diet Plan Will Help You Achieve Your Desired Weight

The biggest challenge with weight is not how you gain it; it’s how you manage it. While they are many ways of managing weight, swimming is known to be one of the most efficient cardiovascular exercises. This is because it involves your whole body.

Some people swim to compete, others for leisure but most importantly, swimming is the perfect sport for weight management. Coupled with a good meal plan, swimming can give results that will exceed your expectations.

We want to introduce you to the best weight loss trainers you’ll ever meet. Marko Skakaljevic and Oleksandr Makarov are not your everyday associates. No.they bring years of expertise, passion for weight loss, and belief in your dream weight. They help you with a combination of a personalized diet and the best swimming plan ever.

Nutritionist Oleksandr Makarov understands the science of balancing your food intake versus the calories you need to burn in order to achieve your goal. He not only formulates the best meal plans there could ever be, he also personalizes every meal plan to be exactly what you need.Each one of his trainees has 3 meals and 2 snacks per day plan. The meals are easily prepared meals and do not need any expertise. With minimal guidance, anyone can prepare them.

Marko Skakaljevic, on the other hand, has a swimming program for everyone. Whether you are a starter who is learning the strokes; or you are an expert who feels let down by previous swimming drills; Marko will meet you at your level.

Whether you are old or young, whether you are having health issues or not; he will classify you and organize a swimming drill specifically for you. Marko believes in giving everyone a chance to get a personalized swimming program.

One of the mistakes we make is to take up a program that worked for someone else and assume it will obviously work for us. Because of using these shortcuts without even consulting, we set ourselves up for frustrations. We feel de-motivated because we think that something within us is wrong. No! The only wrongthing is that we want to fit in someone else’s skin while we know very well that it’s not possible.

There a few things that make swimming and dieting work together perfectly.

– Swimming exercises the lower body and the upper body simultaneously. You are able to stretch every muscle in one activity.

– Dieting provides a good opportunity for you to monitor the number of calories against the intensity of the swimming you have had.

– Both activities are regular activities. They are easy to perform and get guidance while at it.

– Most people like the two activities. Even though we are using them to meet your weight’s goal, they are fun and easy to adapt to.

– They don’t require capital. You see, for most activities; for instance gym activities, you need to buy equipment or pay for membership. Swimming and dieting require minimum capital if any.

– Swimming is recommended alongside diet for people who may have joint issues. Because water tends to support the body freely, the joints that have issues relax and therefore minimize stress.

– A good diet just like swimming preserves the sensitive internal organs like the heart and the lungs.

– Eating well enables you to have a long and healthy sleep. The same happens with swimming.

– Both swimming and dieting require maintaining a balance. That’s why we recommend a nutritionist and a swimming expert.

In conclusion…

This program will only work if you do your part to watch your diet as well as follow the swimming drills. As long as you are determined, the weight of your dream is just a routine away.

Do not skip sessions and then try to recover by doubling your effort on the following day then again you go back to the plan cycle. These programs require daily discipline and deceiving your body by using short-lived fulfillment will only get you spending in cycles and not losing any weight.

Our team is committed to making your dream weight a reality. Are you set for the journey? Reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help

In case you are unsure which level is for you, we recommend that you simply test yourself in the pool, send video of you swimming or contact us via email at any time.