About Us

My name is Marko Skakaljevic. I was born in Serbia in 1993. I started swimming at a very young age (4), swimming became integral part of my life. For the first couple of years I was pushed to swim by my parents, but after a tough start, it started to grow on me. When I started competing at the age of 6 and won my first medal at the age of 7, that “like” turned into love. I went through every age group, learning every step of the process. Some years after, when I gained the chance to represent not only my club, but my school, community, city and region, it became an honour and responsibility. As a high school student, aged 16, I had the privilege to assist teachers with the learn-to-swim program. This is when I first had the chance to see the pool from the other side. While teaching I gained the necessary knowledge and experience about how it all gets started in the swimming world, and my eagerness for knowledge and development didn’t stop there. Very soon I got the chance to be an assistant coach in the club. This position had the most influence on my career as I learned not only about swim training, but also valuable lessons about dealing with people. Finally, at the age of 21, I earned the title of independent swimming coach, completely responsible for coaching and guiding young swimmers, dealing with assistants, schools, communities, officials, etc. What an experience! After graduating from the University of Sports, I became a licensed coach and gained access to a large assortment of seminars and conferences. Becoming a member of ASCA ( American Swimming Coaches Association), my knowledge further expanded both through education and through continuous work with swimmers. Today, at the age of 25, I am living and working in Dubai, UAE as a squad coach. In the past 9 years I have had chance to work with all levels and ages; both with professionals and amateurs; with people who are trying to qualify for  their national team as competitors and people who swim for fitness or injury rehabilitation; with swimmers swimming 12 times per week and swimmers swimming twice per week; with children, teenagers and adults.

This wide range of work I’ve done has convinced me that good swimming skills are something anyone can achieve. A major reason why I started myswimmmingplan.com is to make proper swimming training available to all people. With the use of technology, we can make sure every swimmer gets the best training program for him/her and achieves their goals faster.

Oleksandr Makarov is a nationally known nutrition and health expert, based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He collaborates with swimming clubs as a sport nutritionist and helps athletes to achieve desirable results in swimming championships and people who want to lose weight and become healthy.
Oleksandr Makarov, graduated from Alberta University, has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition/dietetics and a master’s degree in nutrition science.
Being a freelance nutrition and health writer, Oleksandr’s articles and recipes have been published in numerous sports magazines.
Working closely with our Nutritionist is what makes our programs most effective, allowing us to deliver a truly personalized service. That is why we track your results every week in order to correct diet and provide each customer with personalized nutrition plans and reports.